Veter film Studio was founded in summer 2008. The main area of focus is shooting TV commercial, production service, photo shooting. During these years Veter film has produced TV commercials and advertising materials  for such brands as Toyota, Škoda, Hyindai, Rosbank, Svyaz Bank, MAKS, Uniastrum Bank, ТNК, Evrazia, Sandoz, Unimilk, Yasli sad, Detsky Mir, L`Etoile, Sony and for many other companies.  We are proud of producing three films for final presentation of Russian Bidding for carrying FIFA World Cup in 2018.

Our clients have possibility to work with Russian directors as well as foreign directors, cameramen, photographers; and also make casting abroad. We have secure partners for shooting all over the world.

Besides shooting projects Veter film also realize CG works of different complexity, engaging best computer graphic specialists.Team

Veter film`s team formed in 2005 in producer`s department of TBWA. In 2006 producers team was invited in DTV-MA for working at Russian Olympic Bidding in Sochi 2014. Our team shot more than one half Olympic spots and presentation films; we were in long expeditions in Sochi during these shooting periods.

When Russian Olympic Bidding won in Guatemala, our team was asked to make three production films for Kazan Bidding for carrying out the World Student Games (Universiade) in 2013. Kazan Bidding won with big majority of votes as well as Sochi Olympic Bidding had won in due time.

In 2010 being a new-founded company Veter film received a request for shooting three films for Russian Bidding for carrying out FIFA World Cup in 2018.All summer 2010 our company was busy with this important project having 2 months of shoot in different Russian cities with two crews.

Veter film`s team made more than 150 successful projects — we were shooting in snow-covered mountains, in hot deserts and in sea bottom. We were shooting in Europe, Africa, South America and Australia, in more than 15 countries all over the world: from Egypt to Finland, from  Chili to Russian Far East.


Victor Alekseev – senior producer
2000 – 2005 – producer in DAGO studio.
2005 – 2006 – senior producer in advertising agency TBWA Russia.
2006 – 2008 – senior producer in DTV-МА.
Since June 2008 – co- owner and senior producer Veter film Studio.

Farida Saitova – producer
2003 – 2005 – PR–director in sound-recording company Citadel Records
2005 – 2006 –producer in advertising agency TBWA Russia
2006 – 2008 – producer in DTV-МА.
Since June 2008 – co- owner and producer Veter film Studio.
Sofiya Prokopenkova – production assistant
Since April 2010 –  production assistant in Veter film Studio.