Table Top

Veterfilm's department table top provides a complex of services in product spots shooting and visual effects:

VF Table Top Team consists of mechanics, engineers and chemists who constantly develop and improve our abilities using scientific approach. Beside standard effects with liquids and mock-ups we are able to create special “shticks” which nobody has made before. VF in-house equipment allows to test materials, constructions, visual effects before the shoot that allows our clients can get an idea of what they get in the end in advance. We own high-speed camera Phantom HD GOLD that gives up to 1050 frames per second at HD resolution with focus range 35 mm. We have light equipment that allows to make necessary tests on high speed even during the preparation stage.

We provide all the necessary CGI complex on processing, composing, masking and modeling the video material.

Our contact information:

Farida Saitova – producer
+7 916 326-66-02


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